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Every Queen Bleeds

Menstrual taboos create student drop outs and stress


Ethiopian girls have little access to affordable and adequate menstrual management supplies. They end up using a combination of whatever materials they have at hand (rags, newspaper, tree bark). Shame creates an unhygienic menstrual lifestyle resulting in humiliating leaks, discomfort and vaginal infections. Most schools in Ethiopia do not have clean bathrooms with privacy and water, where girls can change menstrual wear and wash. Trash facilities are generally absent. Attending school while menstruating becomes a miserable experience for many girls undermining education.




are absent from school during
their last menstrual cycle



of girls

dispose soaked cloths or sanitary napkins into latrines 33% of girls throw them in open fields 



of the students

do not change period soak-up
during school


What is Menstruation?

Adolescent school girl knowledge about menstruation in Northeast Ethiopia. BMC Public Health : Research Article , 2013


I just hate it, it’s uncomfortable. I mean it doesn’t give me the freedom to do what I want when I am on my period. I can’t play games as I used to and do stuff as I used to do. I wish to be a guy.

Hanin, 18 years old

I wish to be a strong woman and to be a woman, I had to see my period this is why I was so happy when I saw my first period.
— Rehmet, 18



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